Welcome to the personal homepage of Professor N. Asger Mortensen

My research group is affiliated with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) from where I also received the MSc, PhD, and Dr. Techn. degrees in 1998, 2001, and 2006, respectively (complete curiculum vitae).

My research focus is on new wave phenomena and light-matter interactions in artificially structured materials. The list of past and present research topics include quantum electron transport in mesoscopic systems, photonic bandgap & microstructured optical fibers, nanofluidics & optofluidics, nanophotonics & slow-light photonic crystals, metamaterials, and nanoplasmonics.

Interested in the, so far, broadest impact of my work? Please consider the exciting work from Georgia Tech by Yang et al., PNAS 111, 11932 (2014).

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