N. Asger Mortensen is a professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) from where he also received the MSc, PhD, and Dr. Techn. degrees in 1998, 2001, and 2006, respectively. .. read more

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  • Jingjing Zhang (Assistant professor, FTP sapere aude fellow)
  • Johan Christensen (Assistant Research Professor, FTP sapere aude fellow)

  • Nicolas Stenger (Assistant professor, Lundbeck fellow)

  • Martijn Wubs (Associate professor)

  • Sanshui Xiao (Associate professor)


  • N. Asger Mortensen (Professor, PI)


Administrative support:




  • Wei Yan (Lundbeck postdoctoral fellow)

  • Weihua Wang (DNRF/CNG postdoctoral fellow)

  • Bo-Hong Li (VKR postdoctoral Fellow)

  • Pu Zhang (VKR/NATEC postdoctoral Fellow)

PhD students:



Co-supervised PhD students:


Visiting scientists:


  • Dr. Jinlong He (China Jiliang University, Hangzhou)

  • Yunyun Dai (visiting PhD student, with Prof. Jian Zi @ Fudan)

Undergraduate thesis students:


  • We regularly have openings for BSc and MSc thesis students. Please contact our faculty for more details.

 Former group members & students:


  • Claus Jeppesen (FTP postdoctoral fellow)

  • Jógvan Kjølbro (BSc thesis student)

  • Mathias Geisler (BSc thesis student)

  • Kristoffer Skaftved Mathiesen (BSc thesis student)

  • Rasmus Jensen (BSc thesis student)

  • Thomas Bruun Bertelsen (BSc thesis student, exchange @ Unicamp, Brazil)

  • Simon Lehnskov Lange (BSc thesis student, exchange @ Unicamp, Brazil) 

  • Christin David (visiting PhD student, with Prof. F.J. García de Abajo)

  • Giuseppe Toscano (PhD student, subsequently postdoc @ KIT with Prof. Rockstuhl)

  • Mahdieh Hashemi (visiting PhD student, Shiraz University with Prof. M. Hosseini Farzad)

  • Johan Raunkjær Ott (PhD student, subsequently postdoc @ Université de Genève with Prof. Büttikker)

  • Jure Grgic (PhD student, NATEC, subsequently CEO in Croatia)

  • Jens Mølgaard Pedersen (BSc thesis student)

  • Erik Stassen (BSc thesis student)

  • Ehsan Amooghorban (visiting PhD student, IQOG @ Isfahan with Prof. Kheirandish)

  • Giovanni Gilardi (visiting PhD student, "Sapienza" Univ. of Rome)

  • Liang Peng (Postdoctoral fellow, subsequently faculty @ Hangdian Univ., Hangzhou)

  • Niels Aage (PhD student, co-supervised with  Prof. O. Sigmund)

  • Mette Marie Jørgensen (MSc student, DTU Honors program in Physics and Nanotechnology)

  • Jesper Pedersen (Phd student, subsequently postdoc @ Aalborg University with Prof. T. Garm Pedersen)

  • Yi Jin (visiting scientist, COER @ Zhejiang/ZJU with Prof. S. He)

  • Min Yan (Assistant professor, subsequently assistant prof. @ KTH Stockholm)

  • Fatih Öztürk (Postdoctoral visiting scientist, Istanbul TU)

  • Lars Hansen (Postgraduate student, subsequently with Quartz Strategy Consultants)

  • Enrico Campaioli (MSc thesis student, co-supervised with Prof. P. Bassi, Univ. of Bologna)

  • Martin Jacobsen (BSc thesis student)

  • Elton Bitincka (MSc thesis student, co-supervised with Prof. F. Frezza, "Sapienza" Univ. of Rome, subsequently PhD student @ TU Eindhoven)

  • Francesco Patarnello (Teaching Assistant in Modern Photonics problem-solving classes)

  • Jingyu Wang (visiting PhD student, Zhejiang/ZJU with Prof. Lixin Ran)