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Professor & VILLUM Investigator, D-IAS Chair of Technical Science


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I was in 2017 called by the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) to become a professor in the SDU Center for Nano Optics, while I am also holding a D-IAS Chair of Technical Science at the Danish Institute for Advanced Study. Prior to that I was a full professor at the Technical University of Denmark (faculty since 2004) from where I also obtained the MSc (1998), PhD (2001), and Dr. Techn. (2006) degrees. My current research in quantum plasmonics is supported by a personal grant from the VILLUM Investigator program and the Minister's Elite-researcher award.

My research focus is on complex wave phenomena and light-matter interactions in artificially structured materials. In particular, I am interested in situations where classical electrodynamics is interfacing regimes with quantum physics [see recent perspectives in Nanophotonics 6, 1185 (2017), ACS Photonics 5, 3447 (2018), and Nanophotonics 8, 1315 (2019)]. The list of past and present research topics includes quantum electron transport in mesoscopic systems, photonic bandgap & microstructured optical fibers, nanofluidics & optofluidics, nanophotonics & slow-light photonic crystals, metamaterials, and nanoplasmonics.

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